When we cycle

Cycling has gone through some exciting development the last couple of decades. Many consider the Dutch willingness to transport themselves on a two wheeler as a something genetic inherited. In Together we cycle we have uncovered that it's a bit more complicated than that. Dutch cycling culture is the result of a social en spatial proces which was for the most are un-intentional and mostly the result of other goals in public space like livability and safety for children. Dutch cycling culture therefor is not static. So, what will the future bring? This is the central question in the third part of the sequel which started out in 2017 with Why we cycle.

In the film When we cycle we will take a look into the great unknown. What are the different developments in society and what might be the role of the bike in these possible futures? Does the fast efficient cyclist get priority or are other scenarios conceivable? And how will that effect the city of the future?

Various experts and everyday cyclists will take you on this journey through different imaginable futures for cycling.

From the makers of the international proclaimed films Why we cycle and Together we cycle: Arne Gielen & Gertjan Hulster


René Ahoud


Melissa Bruntlett

Lucas Harms

Aya Achahboun

Angela van der Kloof

Henk Swarttouw

Anna Nikolaeva

Vincent Luyendijk

Aicha el Kadiri

Daniëlle Snellen

Yhirayza Hernandez

Ashanadebie Kalidien

Rients Dijkstra

Michiel van Driessche

Roland Kager

Paul Strack van Schijndel

Martijn Veltkamp

Donald Pols

And many others

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